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Shocking Satanic Mass Music Video
to Premiere to make
Dark Funeral video available for 24 hours on Halloween

October 30, 2007


At the stroke of midnight, Tuesday, October 30, the world premiere of "Attera Totus Sanctus" by black metal legends Dark Funeral (performed for the movie Club Satan: The Witches Sabbath), will take place at, home base for the biggest bunch of bloodthirsty werewolves ever turned loose on the entertainment industry.

While debate over the film rages (it’s been labeled “hardcore pornography" by the mainstream, and an "art film" by its supporters), the movie violates every taboo and crushes the false morality of modern-day America. This is extreme cinema for Satanists and Metalheads, made by Satanists and Metalheads! An epic of Marquis De Sade proportion.

“I originally intended to have this video finished during the summer," said Boneyard Press president Hart D. Fisher. "But Shane (Bugbee, director of Club Satan) dropped out of the project and my wife's recovery from cancer has been much more difficult than we'd expected. I had to go it alone, but the delay gave me a chance to put together 3 separate cuts of the video. One is your R rated cut, the other is your average XXX, but the third cut, man that's some taboo busting s**t going on. Only the band and Rob Black are going to be given copies of that version."

While it might seem like hyperbole, Club Satan has true street cred among hardcore fans and Satanists alike. The movie features the first BLACK MASS caught on film since Anton LaVey's "Satanis" over 30 years ago, and Church of Satan officials oversaw each and every aspect of the film, while the producers of CLUB SATAN face life in prison for their films ( Though some production companies might be satisfied just to push the envelope, Extreme goes overboard, bringing in five Satanic sluts to perform such shocking acts to please the devil that even other adult moviemakers have shied away from the movie.

"Attera Totus Sanctus” will play all day on Halloween until the witching hour, when the video will be pulled from the website. “So you better get your pain while we're dishing it out,” warns Fisher.

Dark Funeral is currently touring the US. For more information on the band, visit:

For More Information about Extreme Associates, visit:

Hart D. Fisher is an underground horror legend with a worldwide following who’s work has been featured on ABC's DayOne, CNN's Murder By Numbers documentary, Entertainment Tonight, Larry King Live, The Jerry Springer Show, The Sally Jesse Raphael Show, CNN Headline News, A&E's Biography, and in magazines such as Time, Tattoo Savage, Hero Illustrated, People, The Comics Journal, the non-fiction best seller The A-Z Guide to Serial Killers and many more. Mr. Fisher has most recently finished co-producing the world’s first feature horror film, The Bunker, written and directed by a blind director, Joseph M. Monks. Mr. Fisher is currently working on his next feature film project, 13 Bloody Kisses, distributing his first feature film The Garbage Man, running his post production house Crime Pays Inc. and is supervising the translation of his book Poems For The Dead into Spanish for publication in Bolivia.


“Shot with a grindhouse feel, the atmosphere almost seems as if the viewer is watching something he/she really shouldn’t be experiencing; as if it’s wrong. The grainy print, ominous lighting, and jump cut edits (think Nine Inch Nails or Marilyn Mason music videos) keep things hectic.”

Blind Film Director To Attend Horror
& Sci Fi Expo Chiller Theatre
Buzz Heats Up Around Groundbreaking Indie Film
October 1, 2007

THE BUNKER “Buckle up for this one folks!”
-Thomas Carnell, FANGORIA Magazine

“Mind the edge- it cuts…”

“Joe Monks is to horror fiction what Tom Waits is to smoky barrooms…” -Mario Grillos RAMP Magazine

Underground horror legend Joseph M. Monks is coming to town and he’s bringing with him both a feature film, The Bunker, and a tale of perseverance in the face of a debilitating handicap. What is the one thing you would think a movie director could not live without?

His eyesight.

What makes Monks stand out from other first-time writers-turned-director, is that he is 100% blind. Now, his movie, The Bunker, and it’s blind director’s story is generating buzz that has transcended the horror media, electrifying mainstream publications like the Miami Herald, major market radio programs like The Opie & Anthony show, and most recently jolting Rue Morgue Radio with an on air appearance by director Joseph M. Monks.

Monks, who lost his eyesight to diabetic retinopathy in 2002, has overcome both his battle with diabetes, and blindness, to produce a feature film which has been selected for the 5th Halloween Horror Picture Show film festival, and has mainstream film distributors contacting him, not the other way around. The Bunker tells the story of a teenage runaway (Saskia Gonzalez) whose congressman father has just announced his bid for reelection. The teen is kidnapped off the streets of downtown Manhattan by a sadistic serial killer with a devastating secret. Having garnered positive reviews from FANGORIA, The Hacker's Source, and horror heavyweights Rue Morgue, the heat the movie is generating is coming both from the curiosity of a blind filmmaker overcoming the odds, and from audience and reviewer reception to the movie.

“Producing a film with a blind director was a tremendous challenge,” says Co-Producer Hart D. Fisher “But it all came down to communication. That was key. Luckily, with Joe’s years of publishing and writing comic books he was able to communicate to us exactly what his frame composition was going to be, the camera angles, the lighting, he would lay it all down, then when we were ready to shoot, he would sit off to the side to listen to the performances.”

“In all of my years of film making, I’ve never seen a director more focused on an actors performance, literally hanging on every breath. It was amazing.”

Monks will be in the tri-state area from Wednesday, October 3rd in the mid-afternoon through Sunday evening October 7th. He will be signing autographs and showing clips of the film at his booth. The Chiller Theatre Expo takes place October 5,6 and 7, at the Hilton Parsippany, One Hilton Court, Parsippany, New Jersey, 07054.
For more information about the director, the film, or to schedule an interview with Mr. Monks while he is in your city, please contact:

Hart D. Fisher/President/Crime Pays Inc. 6911 Topanaga Canyon Blvd., Suite 303 Canoga Park, CA 91303
Office: 818/716-7401

To request a media press kit, please

The Unholy Trinity of Horror Storms Mexico!
Joseph M. Monks, Hart D. Fisher and Christa Faust lecture at Utopia in Mexico City and the University of Tlaxcala to promote Sex Crimes and Road Kills in Mexico.
December 4, 2003

On November 17th splatter punk horror authors Joseph M. Monks, Christa Faust and Hart D. Fisher boarded a plane to attend and lecture as guests of Mexico City’s biggest comic convention and celebration of dark fiction, Utopia. For five days they stomped, manned panels, danced like fools at underground goth clubs and pushed books on an unsuspecting and deeply scared Mexican populace. The fans were very receptive to the authors and their work, especially the all new volume of horror fiction, Road Kills, that was produced especially for this event in both Spanish and English. Most American authors don’t jaunt down to Mexico to promote their work, let alone whip up something special just for the Mexican audience, but that’s the unholy trinity of terror for you- Always going the extra mile to shed some fresh blood.
At Utopia, Monks, Faust & Fisher lectured on the role of the author in real world violence in a post Columbine world, the new wave of horror cinema and on the dynamics of horror fiction in general. The panels were feisty and thought provoking, always leading to a pack of new fans hounding the writers back to their tables for a feeding frenzy of Sex Crimes, Stuff Out’a My Head, Still Dead & Poems for the Dead and The Garbage Man. Besides his fair share of panels, Mr. Fisher also did two searing spoken word performances that left the audience shell shocked and wheeping (that’s right, even the guys were letting slip with some crocodile tears). Mr. Fisher’s poems were translated into Spanish as he read. The directors of the show were so impressed with Fisher’s first performance that they drafted him for a second performance warming up the crowd for the gothic/industrial band Insomnia.

"...What the?!?"

After the five day event, the trinity of doom were slung into a van and carted up to the town of Tlaxcala to give two lectures to the students of the University of Tlaxcala and sign books. After each lecture Faust, Monks and Fisher were literally mobbed with new fans and eager readers dying to discuss horror literature further and how they might break into the business. Fisher, Monks & Faust found the entire trip to be a profoundly positive experience.
“ All my friends were kind of sketchy about me traveling down to Mexico with Monks and Christa knowing the kind of trouble we get into,” grinned Fisher after an evening of cheap Mexican beer, “but we had a blast. The people were wonderful, the food was awesome, and the people throwing the shows treated us like kings. I have never been treated so well by a show. Normally we are treated like the evil ooze flowing beneath all the super hero bullshit, but this was much, much different. Down in Mexico the horror author is just as respectable as the guy drawing some faggot in tights. We stayed at five star hotels, ate until we couldn’t stand, and danced our hosts into the ground. Hell, even the owner of the Beverly Hill Hotel wanted to party with us, making plans to show us his lions the next time we’re in town. Alex, if yer reading this, I’m coming back just to party with the fucking lions dude!”

Amen to that brother, but what are the results of 10 days of non stop touring, drinking, shit talking and slinging books?
• The publisher of Goliardos, H. Pascal, is in negotiations with Faust, Monks & Fisher to translate their fiction into Spanish and publish it in Mexico. Several different volumes are in the planning stages for 2004.
• Poems for the Dead and Still Dead are being translated into Spanish for publication in Bolivia.
• Mr. Fisher has been tapped by Extreme Sports Meeting The Magazine to write a monthly column about extreme comic books starting sometime in 2004.
• The Garbage Man has been selected to screen at the Macabre Festival for the summer of 2004 in Mexico.
• The art studio of Mataketa Eztudio has been signed by Boneyard Press to adapt it’s hit comic series, 9 Black Cats, to English for publication in America in the summer of 2004. the first five issues of this hot new series are already in the can and raring to go.

The Most Dangerous Man in Comics Ties The Knot!
Boneyard Press Publisher Hart D. Fisher Weds Fetish Model Wakako Kawagoshi in Halloween Ceremony!!!!
October 31, 2003

On Friday October 31st 2003, Halloween night, the founding father of Boneyard Press and most dangerous man in comics, Hart D. Fisher, got hitched to the lovely Wakako Kawagoshi in a costumed wedding at the Masonic Temple in Pasadena California. Mistress of ceremonies was none other than the noted horror author and evil wench, Christa Faust (Control Freak, Sex Crimes), who led the vows and apologized profusely for the damage she’d wrought by bringing Mr. Fisher and Ms. Kawagoshi together in the first place. In attendance were 14 members of Ms. Kawagoshi’s family who flew in from Japan (her parents had yet to meet the groom until the day before the wedding), Make up effects artist Ralis (who did Mr. Fisher’s full body make up), comics legend Joe Monks (dressed as DareDevil, red tights & all), porn legend Herschel Savage, author Stephen Elliott (What It Means To Love You), and many more family members, friends and loved ones.

Marching down the aisle to the tune of Bach’s Toccata Fugue in D-minor and through a sea of fog, the happy couple took their vows with big wide smiles and then Mr. Fisher took his wife like Godzilla on Tokyo in very long, very passionate kiss. After the obligatory picture taking with the family, a reception was held upstairs in the Masonic Temples secret corridors of power where much cake was eaten and even more booze was consumed. The drinking, dancing and debauchery went on into the wee hours of the evening. And yes, only one of Wakako’s relatives came up to her and asked her “What the hell are you doing marrying a man who’s into all of this crazy shit?!”

Anyone interested in sending the new Mr. & Mrs. Fisher their well wishes can do so via email to . Or just get’em something kinky, they are still registered at Target & Macy’s!

Boneyard Press Plan for World Domination Rolls ONWARD!
Endure Boneyard Press at The Detroit Motorcity Con October 18th!
September 22, 2003

Okay, as you’ve noticed, the Boneyard Press website hasn’t been updated for shit in a long time. Why? Because we’re out there taking over the god damned world! It’s been one helluva crazy fucking summer and the fall isn’t going to be any easier. Here’s the updates in Bullet points:

• Sex Crimes is at the printer and we expect to ship to stores just in the nick of time for Halloween. Don't know if we'll have copies in time for the Motorcity Con. But we are sending our representatives at the show (Ryan Mojica and James Helkowski) some exclusive Boneyard goodies to sell and they’ll be signed to boot by Hart D. Fisher. We had some serious sales with the book so everyone is happy as hell around here.

• Book of Legion is at Brenner and Diamond will be picking it up at the end of the month. So look for it in stores the first week of October. The book looks fantastic with all kinds of demonic lore and old school Creepy & Eerie style stories plus the world of pain short by Thom Thorn from the Electric Hellfire Club.

• Psycho Hunter #5 goes to Brenner this week also. Look for it in stores a week after Book of Legion. Ju really out did himself with this issue and things are gearing up for a final confrontation in the final issue of Psycho Hunter next year in issue #666 with 64 fucking pages and a wraparound cover by the man, Hart D. Fisher! Don’t worry kids, the Great Beast of the Ward will be back in the summer in a one shot called Hell Kiss.

• Dark Angel: The Quiet Demon. Avatar is going to reprint and finish the Dark Angel screenplay adaptation started by John Cassaday, including 20 pages of unpublished Cassaday artwork. This will come out as a mini-series through out the summer of 2004 and then be collected as a tradepaperback. At this time we believe John has been scheduled to do all new covers for the series. Look for more news of collaborations between Avatar and Hart D. Fisher in the future.

• Flowers on the Razorwire is set to relaunch April 2004 with a cover by Dimtri Patelis, with a new Dark Angel story by Hart D. Fisher and James Helkowski. We've got some big announcements to do with this property and when we let the cat outta the bag, everyone is going to be real fucking happy. The cover contest for the Second issue of Flowers on the Razorwire is still up and running, so sharpen you stakes and have at it.

That’s the short of it right now. We’ll be hitting you with updates and fresh developments as they hit. We’ve got lots of cool deals cooking to get you more boneyard through out the year 2004 including the next installments of the Boneyard Bitches Gone Wild series. Starting in February, look for something coming out from Boneyard Press every month for the duration of the year!
For all the folks out there hitting the streets and doing the battle for us on the front lines, thanks, and many evil blessings!

Ahh, love is in the air....

Boneyard Too Damn Busy To Update Their Own Fuckin' Website!
July 29, 2003

We got Psycho Hunter #5, Midget Apocalypse, and Book of Legion getting ready to hit the presses!!!!

Okay, for the long update, go to the main man, Hart D. Fisher's online Journal (if you're stupid and have a hard time reading, it's the top banner on this page with the big moron himself staring at you). With the movie stuff going on, time has been short.

For the short of it, things have exploded at Boneyard Press and they're only going to get hotter. Ryan Mojica and Thom Thorn's Book of Legion with guest spots by Manti Skuzz and James Helkowski (this guy's in fucking everything this year) is going to the printer the last week of July (keep yer fingers crossed on this one kids, the deadline is slamming home) and if all goes well will debut at the Chicago WizardWorld ComiCon the week end of August 8th!

Wizard World Chicago the whole Boneyard crew is slamming into town and pillaging like a viking horde. On deck at the Boneyard Press booth will be Ju Gomez, James Helkowski, Ryan Mojica, Ginger Hill, Mistress Leyla, From Parts Unknown very own Tsunamai Toyota, the Electric Hellfire Club's lead singer Thom Thorn, and that big blond guy, Hart D. Fisher! Hooo Yah! Hart D. Fisher is in final negotiations to headline a spoken word event Friday night in the city, and on Saturday night the Boneyard crew will be throwing a Everclear bash with chicks, slaves, you name it. A surefire piece of nastiness guaranteed to get everyone kicked out of their hotel. Plus we're working on a special guest appearance at the show by a demonic horror show host! We'll keep you updated on all of this shit as the dust settles.

As for Phillie? The show was rough since the Wizard guys brought the bubonic stomach flu to the show and half the convention guests got it, including Mr. Fisher who actually turned green after spending the entire evening puking and shitting his guts out the first night of the show. This did not bode well for the slave auction which was cancelled because of Mr. Fisher's illness. But fear not. After the embarassment of handing out Slave Auction to a bunch of black guys in Phillie and having to explain the whole mess to a bunch of very irate black guys in Phillie (man was that a scene) we'll be doing the Slave Raffle in Chicago. Yeah, a fucking Raffle. Kind of takes the sting outta the whole slave auction thing. The coolest thing about the show, is that the Bitches (Ginger & Leyla) were grabbing chicks off the floor, throwing them into bitch wear and having them pimp out the books at the show. I mean would you check out the hooters on that red head? Keep an eye on your girl in Chicago, because this is one trend that will continue until we get thrown in jail!

But we'll keep you posted on all of this shit as it goes down. In the mean time, run out to your local store and demand they order some copies of Sex Crimes from Chanting Monks. And go check out Joe Monks ranting at

Did I mention you should buy some shit? No? Well buy some fucking shit already. Jesus.


Boneyard's Thirteen Year Anniversary Onslaught Begins!
May 27, 2003

In Stores Now Psycho Hunter #4 With Ginger Hill Attacks Hot on It's Heels!!!!

The Thirteen Year Anniversary has now officially begun with the Month of May when the very first Boneyard Press book, Dark Angel, hit the shelves way back when. Yep, that's right, we've lasted thirteen fucking years and now our first book of the party, Psycho Hunter #4, has hit the shelves. If you didn't pre order yours, you better march your monkey ass on down to the comic stores because the fans are calling this the best issue yet! Sporting a kick ass Frank Forte Cover, script by the man Hart D. Fisher, and non stop blood letting by Ju Gomez, this one is sailing off the shelves!

Then for the first week of June we'll have the total gonzo boneyard blow out, Ginger Hill Attacks, in stores! That's right, the 48 page crossover spectacular is at the printers right now and is shipping to distributors as you read this. It's Boneyard's very first inter-universe crossover featuring cameos by Dark Angel, Bill the Bull, Dead Grrrl & more! It's wall to wall action and laughs that you won't want to miss! Supplies are limited so you better get your shit in gear!

The 2nd week of June brings us Zombie Commandoes From Hell #4 with a host of artists like Steph Dumais, James Helkowski, Bryan Baugh and the mighty Mike Dianna! This issue also raises the bar for what fans can expect from a Boneyard comic. Again, supplies are limited and this thing is going to smoke the shelves. Plus you'll be able to get your copy of the Boneyard Bitches Gone Wild convention experience on DVD! With a half hour of kick ass extra's like Hart D. Fisher's appearances on E on OJ & Larry King Live and several short films! Fuck we're kicking it hard!

But that's not all!

The new distributor catalogues come out in June and you better get in there and pre-order The Book of Legion, Midget Apocalypse and Psycho Hunter #5! You've gotta go out there and show your support with the only thing comic book stores understand- cold hard cash! If you don't pre-order, Store Owners don't know you want it! Hell, some Boneyard Thugs like Big Jim Helkowski have gone the extra mile by making a deal with their local retailer to stock the Boneyard Line of books on the shelves, even if it's only 5 copies, and if they don't sell he'd buy them up himself. Now that's somebody putting their faith to use!

On a final note, we'd like to all join hands and hurl a glob of bile to the Boneyard Press Founding father, Hart D. Fisher, on his 34th birthday! That's right kids, on May 27th Mr. Fisher wipes the sweat from his eyes and thanks the fates for another year of mayhem! If you really wanna make the big bastard smile, go to the morgue and buy some goddamn books! Mail order is KING!!@!!

Boneyard Readies Invasion of Wizard World Philadelphia!
May 7, 2003

Hide yer women & lock up your whiskey, and let the Mayhem Begin!!!!

Sure, there may be a short article about the return of Boneyard in the June Issue of Wizard, with a purty picture of Hart D. Fisher, but you won't find any mention of us in all the advertising for Wizard World Philadelphia May 30th through June 1st, but we'll be there!
That's right, the main man himself, Hart D. Fisher, and Psycho Hunter creator Ju Gomez will be crawling the underbelly of the show, boozing and causing trouble in the small press area. As if that wasn't enough of a tiger to tame, Mr. Fisher will have his bitches Ginger Hill & Mistress Leyla along for the ride to dish out the pain and sign their movies, comics & new expanded copies of Boneyard Bitches Gone Wild on DVD!
Not to mention the auction on Saturday for a "One Way Ticket To HELL!" In one of the many speaker rooms, Mr. Fisher will be auctioning off a night out with his bitches Ginger and Leyla as their slave for the evening, which includes drinking & dancing and a little bondage~!!! Can you dig it? We knew you could.
So while the wimps and geeks are lined up to get their bellies signed by Jim Lee or some other guy without a life who still lives at home with his mom, you could be having a shot & a beer with the Boneyard crew! Bring your Boneyard merch 'cuz Mr. Fisher will sign anything in sight and Ju Gomez will have plenty of copies of his Giant monster demonic blood bath Psycho Hunter to sell! Not to mention the gear we'll be bringing! Including bootleg copies of The Garbage Man, the spoken word cd Come Bleed With Me, and other cool goodies!
If there are any residents of Philadelphia that can point us in the right direction for cool bondage clubs or goth clubs or other asundry hell holes, drop us a line at:


April 23, 2003

FM International and Cold Cut Distribution eager to join the war on mediocrity!

Boneyard Press publisher Hart D. Fisher has been burning up the phone lines and establishing relationships with alternative distributors Cold Cut Distribution and FM International. With the state of the comics industry, you can't have too many ways of getting your product into the hands of retailers. Mr. Fisher has been speaking directly to the owners of FM, Wayne Markley, and one of the Trio at Cold Cut, Tim Stroup, to carve out a larger Boneyard presence in their catalogues.
"My goal right now is to let distributors and retailers know that Boneyard Press is back with a whole new line up of books and we will be promoting the hell out of them." said Mr. Fisher between bites of steak. "The biggest problem I've been running into is that Stores either don't know Boneyard's back or they don't put us on the shelve for the consumer to know we're back. By working more closely with distributors I think we'll be able to get the message out to everyone- Boneyard Press is back with a Vengeance and we're here to stay. How many other publisher out there in the sea of bankrupt corporate under wear guys can say they've been in business 13 years? Not many."
To support it's titles, Psycho Hunter, Zombie Commandoes From Hell, Ginger Hill Attacks, The Book of Legion, Midget Apocalypse and upcoming revived & revamped Flowers on the Razorwire anthology title Boneyard will be taking about full page ads in the Diamond Catalogues, Cold Cut's fall catalogue and in the new FM International catalogue. Plus the Wizard World convention tour by Mr. Fisher, Psycho Hunter Creator Ju Gomez, & the Boneyard Bitches Ginger Hill and Mistress Leyla.
"I was in a comic store just the other day, and I had to laugh, there was some cool pretty color shit in there, but I doubt any of these companies will be around in a year or two. All flash, no endurance, and if a retailer is looking for a company that will build a hardcore following and not disappear with the slightest hiccup, Boneyard is it. Our guys are out there bringing in a new audience, not the same old dweebs that are in the store every week talking about last night's Buffy rerun. Guys like Ryan Mojica will be hitting the bars, and the getting his book in magazines like Industrial Nation, or or we'll be doing rock & roll shows with Electric Hellfire Club singer Thom Thorn. What this industry needs most is fresh blood, and ain't nobody gonna spill more of it than the thugs at Boneyard."

For more about FM International go to:
FM International, Inc. PO Box 259804 Madison, WI 53725-9804.
Voice: 608-271-7922
Fax: 608-271-8143.
For inquiries, send email to:

For more about Cold Cut go to:
Cold Cut Distribution - 220 N. Main St. - Salinas, CA 93901
(831) 751-7300

If you are interested in booking any of the Boneyard Press creators at your store, please email Mr. Fisher at:


April 17, 2003

Boneyard Press and Chanting Monks Join Forces to Bring Hardcore Horror Anthology of Fiction SEX CRIMES

Joe Monks and Hart D. Fisher team up again to bring you the gore in an all new fiction anthology of original fiction by some of the best writers in the world this October for their new horror anthology called SEX CRIMES. But even better than that they've opened the doors to fresh talent in a cattle call for unpublished material. They’re looking for a few sick fucks to round out the bill and deliver the goods. They’re looking for stories that no one else would have the guts to publish.SEX CRIMES will push the limits and the boundaries and scare the living shit out of people. The theme of the book is sex crimes. That’s it. The story has to fall into that area in some way. It's not porn, and we've already got a hum dinger of an adult film star story by Dave Schow, but it's related to sex. Whether physical, emotional or spiritual. Sex and crime. If you want to make the cut, your story better leave scars and nail the reader to the wall, whether it be through gore, sorrow, or some other emotional crucifixion. Save your middle of the road stuff for some other pussy publication.

The pay:
It’s a royalty split. We aren’t happy with it, but there’s no cash to front to anyone for this project. Times are lean and so are we. We’re
putting all our dollars into the quality of the printing and packaging and setting this thing up to maybe go with a major once the first print is released. So we’re left to a straight up royalty split amongst all of the creators. The good news is that each creator will receive 25 contributors copies of the book and access for more at cost (and we mean actual printing cost, not that store discount other publishers try to screw over their talent with, we won't name names). Depending on the initial print run, 25 copies is the minimum. We’re hoping there’s enough left from the initial cash outlay on our end to have more available, and then additional copies at cost.

We only want the best. This isn’t a vanity project, it’s a poke in the eye. We’re going to retail SEX CRIMES out to the direct market for $13.95 at around 250 pages with illustrations and fiction. Hart Fisher can be reached via email at or at (818)
720-1565. Joe Monks can be reached via email at

Here’s who’s onboard right now:
David Schow, Wayne Allen Sallee, Stephen Elliot, Christa Faust, Larry Santoro, Rob Errera, Joe Monks, Hart D. Fisher, Joseph Curtin

We Got illustration legend Bernie Wrightson on board, Frank Forte, James Helkowski, John Lucas, R.E.Brown of and are looking for more artists.




For those of you unfamiliar with Boneyard Press, it is an alternative publishing house that has been promoting counter culture material since January 1991 with it's very first publication, Dark Angel.
Written and drawn by founder and publisher Hart D. Fisher, Dark Angel is the story of serial killer Johnathan Gabriel and his journies down the America's darkest streets. A human wrecking machine who chooses his victims at his whimsy, Dark Angel was at the forefront of the new wave of splatter horror comics wave launched at the end of the eighties by the ground breaking horror classic Faust.
Since then, Boneyard Press has gone onto to world wide infamy with it's serial killer biographies (most notably Jeffrey Dahmer: An Unauthorized Biography of a Serial Killer and it's sequels The Further Adventures of Young Jeffy Dahmer, Dahmer's Zombie Squad and Jeffrey Dahmer vs. Jesus Christ), acidic satires of popular media figures (Kill Image, Rush Limbaugh Must Die, Howard Stern vs. Rush Limbaugh, Doin' Time With OJ, OJ's Big Bust Out, and The Mighty Morphin' Rump Rangers), hardboiled crime comics (Bill the Bull: Burnt Cain, Bill the Bull: Blowtorch Kiss, Bill the Bull:One Shot, One Bourbon, One Beer, Crime Pays, Stiff), and critically acclaimed prose novels and poetry (Poems for the Dead, Still Dead, Jones Inn), not to mention outspoken media ploys like the Marvel Can Suck My Cock t-shirts and 1998's april fools prank The Death of Hart Fisher Boneyard Press comics and books are for people with a hunger for the unbridled, the outspoken, the extreme, and a straight for the throat style of storytelling, then this is your doorway into a whole other brand of spank. It's all here including unpublished art, behind the scenes photo's and the true stories of Industry wide censorship the current comics news scene has deliberately kept from you, the consumer.
Check it out.

email me at:

And Just Who The Hell Is Hart D. Fisher?

"Even surrounded by coffins, bats, a life-sized Frankenstein statue and legendary frightmeister artist Bernie Wrightson, Fisher's the scariest thing in the
-Wizard Magazine

"Hart has proven he has talent and there is a market out there for queasy, uneasy, in-yo-face, gutter stench material."
-Tattoo Savage

"Gifted with the ability to stir up controversy this company could survive a global thermonuclear attack."
-Fan Magazine

With a long and controversial career in comics, Hart D. Fisher's opinion about serial killers and serial killer culture has been tapped for ABC's DayOne, CNN's
Murder By Numbers documentary, Time Magazine, Entertainment Tonight, Larry King Live, The Jerry Springer Show, The Sally Jesse Raphael Show, E on OJ,
The Bertice Berry Show, CNN Headline News, A&E's Biography, and many more books and magazines.Fisher began his art career as the publisher and driving force behind Boneyard Press, a ferociously independent publishing house that has been written about around the world in Japan (Words), Germany (Ego Magazine), England (The Sun) and bring him the attention of the mass media with such books as Jeffrey Dahmer:An Unauthorized Biography of a Serial Killer,OJ's Big Bust Out, Rush Limbaugh Must Die, Dark Angel, Howard Stern Vs. Rush Limbaugh. Fisher's two collections of poetry (Poems for the Dead & Still Dead) have been critically lauded in Wicked Mystic, Carpe Noctem, Dark‚s Art Parlor, and Previews to name but a few. His work has been called relentless and heart wrenching. It is all that and more.

While working as Manager Editor for rock star Glenn Danzig's publishing wing, Verotik, Fisher coauthored "A Taste of Cherry" which was banned in Oklahoma as obscene material. Fisher has faked his own death, spit in the eye of industry giants like Marvel Comics (at the largest comic convention in America Fisher printed up hundreds of black t- shirts proclaiming that "MarvelCan Suck My Cock". The shirts sold out instantly) and has proven he has a gift for stirring up controversy.

Mr. Fisher has most recently returned from a lecture tour in Japan where he spoke to business leaders about venture capital, team building and business leadership. Mr. Fisher does spoken word performances from his collections of poetry (Poems for the Dead and Still Dead) around the country including Chicago, San Francisco, Los Angeles, San Diego, Tokyo, Milwaukee and more.

Fisher is currently polishing the final edit of his feature film directing debut The Garbage Man and putting together financing for his next feature film project PIG.
For more information about Mr. Fisher or his first film The Garbage Man, Call- 818 720-1565.


Nothin' like gettin yer dick washed
by a dirty old lady...

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"That right pukes, it's our Lucky 13 celebration! Can you fucking believe it? 13 Years in this shitty business and I'm still laughing in the flames and pissing on open graves. Valiant, Defiant, Triumphant, First Comics, Eclipse, Kitchen Sink, Techno Comix, Caliber, the fuck rags at London Knight Studios, Tundra, Vamperotica, even my friends at Chaos! and more, all biting a fucking bullet when I was told I wouldn't last a year. ahahahahahahahahhahhahaf! Dig into this friends, we're coming on stronger, leaner, meaner, and hungrier than ever before. Last year we put out a spoken word CD, Come Bleed With Me, a convention flick, Boneyard Bitches Gone Wild, and 3 issues of two new series, Zombie Commandoes From Hell and Psycho Hunter! YEAH! EAT IT BITCH! Ju
and Steph have really put the guts into their books and it shows. Get your copy right here in the Boneyard and I'll throw you a couple freebies with every order. Dig in and get greasy because we've got a whole lot more coming this year. A Zombie Commandoes vs. Psycho Hunter crossover in blood soaked color, a midget wrestling book, Midget Apocalypse, and more Boneyard Bitches escapades on video and I've got a slew of Hollywood shit happening that I will keep everyone current on in my journal.
Dig into the back catalogue because a lot of the old Bill the Bull, Flowers on the Razorwire, Dark Angel stuff is out of print and I'm almost out of my copies. I'm selling everything and anything. You want
to buy one of my original paintings from my art show LOST? email me.Want something signed by moi? email me. Is something listed as sold out but you're hoping there's one copy on the floor of my garage? email me.

Get your AK47's, don your black pajama's and dig in, because this year I'm taking the war on the road!"

Hart D. Fisher
Publisher/Boneyard Press

Boneyard Press Solicitation Information For Products Shipping March 2004:
Boneyard Bitches Unleashed!
Intended Audience: Mature Audiences
Format: VHS, running time 60 minutes, Full color.
Retail Price: $19.95
Signed Edition $29.95 (signed by Giner, Mistress Leyla and Hart Fisher)
Shipping in March 2004

Adult film star Ginger Hill and Mistress Leyla get into enough trouble at the 2004 Wizard World Chicago show to make a room full of Chicago cops blush… and they did! It’s more comic convention mayhem boneyard style with guest appearances by the Electric Hellfire Club’s Thom Thorn who gets loaded and buys the girls an electric flyswatter for fun! Wanna see a ghost buster spanked? The members of KISS get it? What about some jack ass dressed as superman who turns three shades of red when he gets spanked by his girlfriend? That’s nothing compared to what happens to the winner of the slave raffle… the super hot 20 year old stripper and her man friend! 60 minutes of strippers, rock stars, paddlings, tramplings, and more bare naked chicks causing trouble! Featuring adult film star Ginger Hill, Mistress Leyla, Hart D. Fisher, Waka Fisher, Ryan Mojica, the entire cast of Graveyard Theater, a lotta cops, and more!

"...Superman no likey"
Poems for the Dead value pack

Limited to 100!

Written by Hart D. Fisher! Art by David Mack, Brian Michael Bendis, Aaron Bordner, Vincent Locke, Daerick Gross, Guy Davis, Jill Thompson, Colleen Doran and more.
Intended Audience:
Mature Readers
2 156 page books, one 60 minute cd of spoken word, two limited edition prints.
Regular edition:
Hart D. Fisher collects and signs his most critically acclaimed work into one big bag of tricks that nets you Poems for the Dead (1st printing), Still Dead (1st printing), his spoken word cd Come Bleed With Me, and the limited edition prints for his art show Lost and a spoken word performance at the LA goth club Bar Sinister. All very rare material with each individual piece signed by Mr. Fisher. Get it while you can!


The Book of Legion

Written by Electric Hellfire Club lead singer, Thom Thorn and Ryan Mojica. Art by Ryan Mojica. Cover by Ryan Mojica!
Intended Audience: Mature Readers
Format: Comic Book 48 pages, B&W, Four Color cover!
Retail Price: Regular edition $4.95
Shipping from Brenner Printing.
Shipping in August.
It is the most feared and reviled tomb of satanic magic ever written,The Book of Legion, and within it's pages lies tales to blacken your soul in one telling. Hidden in the vaults of the Vatican, it is guarded by one mad priest who's name has long been forgotten and who's eyes continuously bleed from repeated readings of the evil book. Brought to you by the lead singer of The Electric Hellfire Club, Thom Thorn, and
underground artist Ryan Mojica, three stories of pain and damnation are
unleashed upon you, the helpless reader!

. . . And Jesus asked him, "What is your name?" He answered, "My name is Legion, for we are many." Mark 5:9



Midget Apocalypse! (COMIC)

Written by Hart D. Fisher & Ace Crafty. Art by Dan Plegel, Frank Forte & Tomas!
Intended Audience: Mature Readers
Format: Comic Book 48 pages, B&W, Four Color cover!
Retail Price: Regular edition $4.95
Shipping from Brenner Printing.
Shipping in August.
MIDGET APOCALYPSE is about baddest bunch of ankle biters in the midwest, The Micro Wrestling league. The MWF is a professional wrestling league made up entirely of little people (all performers are
under 5' tall). The MWF have been featured on A&E, Jerry Springer, Jenny Jones, Maury Povich, MTV's Road Rules, WWF Raw is War, WWF Smackdown. Members of the MWF have even co-hosted WWF Heat with Al Snow, and performed with several WWF superstars. So who better to put out their book than the scum bags at Boneyard? 48 brawlin' pages of booze, babes, bad hair cuts, folding chair mayhem, broken bottles and one big guest star- Bill the f**kin' Bull!!!!! That's right punk, I said Bill the f**kin' Bull vs an arena full of midgets like Meatball and Pondo, the evil clown midget POD, Little Killer, Pitbull Patterson and more midgets than you can chuck a beer can at! On board for the writing chores will be Hart D. Fisher, From Parts Unknown Magazine's mysterious lady Wrestler known only as Lady Ariania The Spider Queen, and Ace Crafty! Art chores will be handled by a cast of Boneyard faves like Dan Plegel, Frank Forte, and newcomer Tomas!
Special Interest:
The Micro Wrestling league will be touring the midwest for the spring and summer of 2003 promoting their shows and this comic book. The midgets and Ace Craft are available for store signings and hardcore wrestling action!
For more info on the midgets check out their website at:

Zombie Comandos From Hell #4 (COMIC)
Art & Story by Steph Dumais & Jake Karns!
(Shipping in MAY 2003)
Intended Audience:
Mature Readers
Comic Book 32pgs, B&W, four color cover

Retail Price:
$3.95/$4.95 Canadian
The powers of the Zombie Hordes have been expanded by The Great Satan in his mad quest to exterminate the human plague from mother earth forever! It’s up to Taitiana and her unlikely alliance of nomad scum and insane blood cultists to save the planet from a rapidly mutating undead army of flesh hungry ghouls! Every issue just get’s more gruesome than the last!!!!


Psycho Hunter #4
Art & Story by Ju Gomez! Cover by FRANK FORTE!!!!
(Shipping in MAY 2003)
Intended Audience: Mature Readers
Format: Comic Book 32 pages, B&W, Four Color cover
Retail Price: $3.95
One year after the murder of the Mocker and still no sign of The Great Beast Psycho Huner. The Hell queen Morganna sends her most notorious bounty hunter, Mona Vahn, into the bowels of the city to track him with her brood of Hunter Killers satanic powers. But worse than that, what happens when the vile queen performs her anti-sabbath on the Mount? Insane carnage is what happens! This book digs into your bowels relentlessly!



Ginger Hill Attacks! (COMIC)
(Shipping in MAY 2003)

Intended Audience: Mature Readers
Format: Comic Book 48 pages, B&W, Four Color Wraparound cover!
Retail Price:
Regular edition $4.95.
Limited Signed & Numbered Edition $8.95 (only 200 available) signed by Dan Plegel and Hart Fisher. Each Limited Edition comes with a signed color postcard only available through this offer and a Ginger Hill Poster!

Written by the man, Hart D. Fisher. Art By Dan Plegel. Wraparound cover by Dan Plegel!
After thirteen years of raising hell, it’s time for Boneyard Press’s first inter-universe crossover freak out! After adult film star Ginger Hill is kidnapped by a pack of insane Marylin Manson worshipping transvestites and body modification freaks, it’s up to Babylon Crush’s girlfriend Marisa and pals to give chase. Can a tiny package of martial arts dynamite and an a rollin’ club girl save Ginger Hill? The Girls give chase through underground bondage clubs, back alley raves, strip clubs and the streets of Hollywood, with special guest appearances by almost every major player in the Boneyard Universe! I’m talkin’ Bill the Bull, Dark Angel, Babylon Crush, Mr. Pip and his papal vampire killers and MORE! This one is going to kick yer scrote out the back of yer head!


Zombie Commandos From Hell! (COMIC)
(Shipping in APRIL 2003)
Intended Audience: Mature Readers
3 Comic Books 32pgs, B&W, four color cover WITH SPECIAL NEW B&W 11"X17" SIGNED PRINT!
Retail Price:

Art & Story by Steph Dumais & Jake Karns with special guest artist King Velveeda!
The great Satan has unleashed the wrath of Mother Earth herself in the form of undead armies who roam the earth exterminating the parasite known only as man! Boneyard's zombie gore fest extravaganza of pain is here in a special signed edition for all those punks out there who missed the Commandoes in their initial release last year. Get'em while their bloody!



Psycho Hunter (COMIC)
(Shipping in APRIL 2003)

Intended Audience: Mature Readers
Format: 3 Comic Books 32 pages, B&W, Four Color cover, WITH SPECIAL NEW B&W 11"X17" SIGNED PRINT!

Retail Price:
Art & Story by Ju Gomez! Extra lashes by Hart D. Fisher!
If you missed the most extreme horror title to hit the wracks since FAUST, here's your prime opportunity to get all three issues signed by it's messiah, Ju Gomez and a special new cool Black and white print! Deep in the heart of the last city in an earth ruled by demons from hell, there comes an ancient predator known in whispers as The Great Beast and to the few humans still in living condition as The Psycho Hunter! Get these special limited edition of books while you can! Hurry, dude, hurry!



Boneyard Bitches Gone Wild! (DVD)
NEW Extended DVD
(Ships May 2003)!

Retail Price: $35.95
Here comes the expanded DVD with cool extra’s like Hart Fisher on E on OJ and the short film Sex and the City of Metropolis! This is the video diary of a Boneyard’s Band of Merry Drunks Rampage through WizardWorld Comicon 2002!

Special Signed Edition VHS:
$40 bucks (signed by the models and Mr. Fisher) limited supply with bonus Ginger Hill poster in each box!
Limited run of only 250 copies will be made. All signed and numbered.
Intended Audience: Mature Audiences
Format: DVD, running time 90 minutes, Full color.


Come Bleed With Me (CD)
Retail Price: $15 bucks

Intended Audience: Mature Readers
Format: CD – 60 minutes

The Garbage Man/Bootleg (VHS)
Retail Price: $40 bucks


Psycho Hunter #1 (COMIC)

Intended Audience: Mature Readers
Format: Comic Book 48 pages, B&W, Four Color cover

Retail Price:
$5 bucks



Psycho Hunter #2 (COMIC)

Intended Audience: Mature Readers
Format: Comic Book 32 pages, B&W, Four Color cover

Retail Price:
$4 bucks



Psycho Hunter #3 (COMIC)

Intended Audience: Mature Readers
Format: Comic Book 32 pages, B&W, Four Color cover

Retail Price:
$4 bucks



Zombie Comandos From Hell! #1 (COMIC)

Intended Audience: Mature Readers
Format: Comic Book 32pgs, B&W, four color cover

Retail Price: $4 bucks
(ain’t got many of these pups lying around)


Zombie Comandos From Hell! #2 (COMIC)

Intended Audience: Mature Readers
Format: Comic Book 32pgs, B&W, four color cover

Retail Price: $4 bucks (ain’t got many of these pups lying around)



Zombie Comandos From Hell! #3 (COMIC)

Intended Audience: Mature Readers
Format: Comic Book 32pgs, B&W, four color cover

Retail Price: $4 bucks
(ain’t got many of these pups lying around)